The Silver Case Sequel Now Being Remastered

Suda51 announces the sequel to The Silver Case being localized for the West. Sequel The 25th Ward will be remastered to bring a new visual novel thriller.

The Silver Case Sequel Now Being Remastered
The sequel to the visual novel thriller The Silver Case was announced at BitSummit to be heading to the West. In keeping with the promise made by Japanese developer Suda51 about a year ago that if the original sold well, then future games would be brought outside of Japan. The sequel goes by the name The 25th Ward and will be remastered but no mention has been made of which platforms the game will be going to. We suspect that the PS4 and PC will once again be destinations for it. Check the trailer for the sequel below:

For those not familiar with this franchise. The Silver Case franchise is a mystery visual novel that is mostly a text-based adventure. Gameplay sequences have you move in first-person through environments as you search for clues. Text choices play a key role in the game as well. The game series has many similarities to games such as Dangaronpa, Steins; Gate or Phoenix Wright. We have yet to learn a release date and will keep you posted.

Have our readers tried The Silver Case Remastered? What are your thoughts for this franchise? Let us know below.

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