The Repopulation: August news, backers access

The Repopulation: August news, backers access, open world housing and tournaments.

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All of you who have payed 100 – 150 $ will get permanent access to all testings in the future. And now it means 24/7. It should be effective  on Friday. All backers should be in for testing by the end of the year. Round 2 backers afterwards.

August also brought PvE changes and the biggest one is the open world housing in protected PvE regions. There are more plots for houses. From this experience the housing will be added also to the contested area later on.

One of the strech goals from Kickstarter campaign were a player created tournaments. And they made it in August. For now only in test instances but they will become a common thing in player created cities.

Another major updates during this period were minigames. They can give you additional action bars or replace your default one.

New videos should be released soon with more Q/A twitch stream.

After this information there is a really, really long list of updates and bug fixes.

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