The Quiet Man Gameplay Footage Revealed

In a recent live stream from Square Enix, The Quiet Man’s gameplay has been revealed. While the video itself is a generous forty two minutes long, there remains to be very little explanation about what the game really is or what it’s about.

The Quiet Man Gameplay Footage Revealed

Some may remember the little E3 trailer oddity that was The Quiet Man, revealed earlier this year. It was live action trailer, implying a return to that kind of story telling in games. While we get live action trailers for the biggest of franchises prior to release these days, it would appear from the video below, that The Quiet Man is indeed strongly focused on story telling with its live action element. That trailer was very short and explained next to nothing at all, aside from bringing back memories of last year’s Baby Driver

Similarly, we have a young man with an air of mystery about him, who can kick sufficient ass on his own. Despite the contrast of fairly poor graphics with the crispness of live action, The Quiet Man remains stubbornly in our memory due to just how different it looks. It’s fairly typical of AAA publishers like Square Enix to stick to themes and motifs that they know will guarantee a large enough audience for profit. Although, the ideas in The Quiet Man’s presentation buck the trend, potentially offering something truly original. 

The poor graphics and animation on show in the video should not be cause for worry just yet. The Quiet Man has yet to announce a release date for the PS4 and PC and plenty of development time remains. Clocking in at just three hours runtime, The Quiet Man offers a bite size chunk of graphically rendered gameplay and live action story telling. Could this be a new evolution for the mid-range AAA phenomenon? For now, take a look at the Square Enix livestream video below and see if you can make heads or tales of it. Be warned – you are watching a whole third of the game. 

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