The PS5 Reveal, And Ubisoft Forward, Had Amazing Viewership On Twitch

Sony's Playstation 5 reveal, and Ubisoft's Forward event, had Twitch viewing figures that far superseded any numbers for press conferences at E3 2019. Despite some concerns that Covid-19 would impact them, interest in Sony's new console and Ubisoft offering free copies of Watch Dogs 2 generated great numbers.

The PS5 Reveal, And Ubisoft Forward, Had Amazing Viewership On Twitch Cover

The complete PS5 Reveal and Ubisoft Forward’s Twitch numbers show that Covid-19 didn’t severely impact either Sony or Ubisoft’s big presentations.

Needless to say, the Playstation 5 Reveal event was a huge deal. It garnered much hype and the whole world was intrigued to see what Sony’s latest state-of-the-art technology would resemble. It was also massive to see what AAA beasts consumers would be able to play on it. Despite no E3, the reveal did huge numbers on Twitch and far surpassed anything seen at E3’s 2019 event. At its highest, the PS5 reveal event peaked at a solid 1.51 million people watching the event at any one time. By comparison, the biggest peak during E3 2019 – for any company – was for Microsoft’s Conference – at 0.94 million. 

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

Furthermore, Ubisoft’s “Ubisoft Forward” event showed off trailers and gameplay for some of their biggest, upcoming games: Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Watch Dogs: Legion. In order to promote themselves – and Watch Dogs: Legion – they offered viewers a free copy of Watch Dogs 2. The promotion worked as Ubisoft Forward’s peak numbers hit 1.02 million, compared to their E3 2019 showing that peaked at 0.75 million.

FULL Ubisoft Forward Reveal Event - July 2020

Now, it’s easy to determine that these substantial numbers were as a result of a one-off console reveal that happens once every few years, and easy marketing from Ubisoft, but it’s clear that online/digital broadcasts do have a market. We have previously discussed the idea that E3 is dead and online presentations are the future, the PS5 Reveal and Ubisoft Forward’s Twitch numbers are an indication that that could be a possibility in the future.

The PS5 is expected to be released in Holiday 2020.

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