The PS5 Price And Date Are Finally Announced At PlayStation Showcase

The Playstation 5's price point and release date has finally been announced during Sony's PlayStation Showcase Event. The online broadcast showed off a plethora of gaming footage, created excitement with the return of some classic franchises, and rounded the show off with the all-important details that everyone has been waiting for.

The PS5 Price And Date Are Finally Announced At PlayStation Showcase Cover

The whole world has been waiting with bated breath, but Sony has finally disclosed the information that all PlayStation fans have been waiting for. The PS5 price and date was revealed near the end of the PlayStation showcase. This gave full details about the standard console and the digital console with both having their respective prices advertised – meaning that everyone can finally take a deep breath and start the holiday console war for real.

The PlayStation 5 retails at £449.99 and the Digital Edition is £359.99. The standard price is £100 more expensive than the PS4’s original retail price, but the technology inhabiting the console more than justifies the increased price tag. The cheaper Digital Version is to be expected given that it has no disc drive, and establishes a more welcoming number on the eye. 

The release date for the consoles falls in the typical mid-November window, releasing just in time for a chaotic Christmas window. The showcase event was packed full of new trailers, new gameplay footage, and brand new games being announced, such as Final Fantasy XVI. With the PS5 price and release date now available, thank to Playstation Showcase, gamers now have all the information about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PS5. Let the next gen battle commence!

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