The PS4 Slim may have been leaked

The PS4's next iteration may have been leaked thanks to posts made on NeoGAF and Twitter. Featuring mechanical on/off and eject buttons, a disc drive, and aligning with Sony's coding standards, the console still has no existence in the FCC's database, leaving many wondering if the posts made were legitimate.

Leaked PS4 Slim image 1
If images from NeoGAF and Twitter are to be believed, then the existence of a slimmer PS4 model may have been leaked online.

The pictures, featured below, come courtesy of users Kenzodielocke and shortman82, the latter of which has reportedly actually bought the console from an online auction site.

Leaked PS4 Slim image 2
Leaked PS4 Slim image 3
Leaked PS4 Slim image 4
Leaked PS4 Slim image 4
Leaked PS4 Slim image 5
Leaked PS4 Slim image 6
Leaked PS4 Slim image 7
Leaked PS4 Slim image 8
Leaked PS4 Slim image 9
As evidenced above, the machine appears to have mechanical on/off and eject buttons and a product code of CUH-20XX, which fits with Sony's coding standards. No optical audio port can be found, though it does retain a disc drive.

Nothing verifying the authenticity of the console has appeared in the FCC's database as of yet. Fans will have to wait until Sony's PlayStation event in September to find out whether of not this next iteration of the PS4 is indeed legitimate. 

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