The PS Now Games For July Have Possibly Been Revealed

The Japanese Playstation Blog has officially posted that Watch Dogs 2 and Street Fighter V will be welcomed to their Playstation Now service, starting from the month of July. The Japanese games usually end up being the same as the ones that get announced for the EU/US.

The PS Now Games For July Have Possibly Been Revealed Cover

Gamers have had to wait, what has felt like, an exorbitant amount of time to find out what the PS Now games for July are going to be. However, thanks to the official Japan Playstation blog, we may now have an answer. The Japanese games are usually the same as the ones that get offered in the EU and US regions too. Playstation Japan have announced that they will be adding Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V, and Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition to their version of the popular streaming service.

The Japan Playstation blog says:

PlayStation™Now, with over 400 PlayStation®4/PlayStation®3 titles that you can play for a fixed amount, from masterpieces to blockbusters. Not only PS4 but also Windows PC is supported.

Classic and masterpiece titles that can be enjoyed for a limited time come out one after another every month! You can also enjoy “CERO:Z” rated titles (only for those over the age of 18).

In July 2020, “Watch Dogs 2” and “STREET FIGHTER V” will be available for a limited time! In addition, the down-shooting shooting game “Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition” that disperses zombies will be added to the regular lineup.

As PS Now basically adds 2 “big games” and an indie title each month, it’s easy to substitute Dead Nation with the Hello Neighbor, as Sony recently announced that Hello Neighbor would be coming to PS Now. This presumably leaves Watch Dogs 2 and Street Fighter V as the remaining titles yet to be announced. Marvel’s Spider-Manwhich was added in Aprilwill be leaving PS Now as the PS Now games for July are made available to the streaming service.

With the big Ubisoft event right around the corner, Watch Dogs 2 may be coming at a good time in order to get people pumped and hyped for the upcoming sequel, Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs 2 – Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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