The Persistence Console Release To Launch On All Formats On May 21st

Originally a PSVR exclusive, this virtual tale of terror is bringing its horrors to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC on May 21st. The experience will now be available to all formats and without the need of VR. Meaning that everyone can now negotiate the rogue-like, spaceship to try and get back to earth.

The Persistence Action Shot

The Persistence was one of the bigger titles to come to VR, promising a scary journey through an ever-changing starship of terrifying, undead enemies. Now, FireSpriteGames have been able to port the game to all formats and The Persistence console release will let the world in on their dark secret May 21st.

Naturally, VR was a terrific fit for the concept as an intimate, up-close and personal tussle with disgusting space creatures always warms the soul, and the underwear. The game promises to be just as scary through a conventional TV.

​The official Playstation website said this about the original game:

A brutal VR sci-fi-stealth, horror and roguelike, The Persistence challenges you to survive aboard a doomed colony ship, overrun with mutants. The crew have all been killed, but the Security Officer and Engineer survive as digital recordings… With just a clone printer to provide host bodies, and an Armory Fabricator to supply weapons, can you survive long enough to repair the ship and make it back home?

The Persistence: Complete Edition | Announcement Trailer | PS4

Anyone buying The Persistence console release, barring PC of course, can expect some kind of extra goodie regarding their version of the game too. PSVR owners will receive the normal edition as part of a free patch and Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners can get a special 10% off discount if they pre-purchase the game on their respective consoles. 

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