The Outer Worlds’ Second Expansion Will Release Before April 2021

Obsidian's epic sci-fi role-playing game will get its second full expansion - Murder on Eridanos - in the coming weeks. The add-on was announced last Summer, but details have been scarce since. This follows the release of the first DLC - Peril on Gorgon - which launched last September.

The Outer Worlds' Second Expansion Will Release Before April 2021 cover

As noted in Take-Two’s earnings call on Monday, Murder on Eridanos will launch before the end of the fiscal year (March 31). Until now, information on the upcoming DLC has been almost non-existent, despite its minimal reveal last July. Private Division, a subsidiary of Take-Two, remain at the publishing helm for what is presumably Obsidian’s last non-Microsoft related project. 

The call mentioned no further details regarding The Outer Worlds’ second expansion. However, with seemingly seven weeks left to get it out the door, a full reveal is likely imminent. The title of the DLC also suggests a mystery theme, similar to the contents of the first instalment of the expansion pass – Peril on Gorgon – which was described as being very similar to the core game, in terms of gameplay and tone. 

New quests, and a brand-new location in the Gorgon asteroid, weren’t the only additions that came with the first add-on. Peril on Gorgon raised the level cap from 30 to 33, as well as introducing new items, perks and weapons. A similar wealth of content is likely for the second expansion, due to their identical pricing of $15/£12 each.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon | Official Trailer | PS4

Murder on Eridanos will be releasing soon on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Epic and Steam. There will also be a Switch version of the DLC later this year. The Outer Worlds is available on Game Pass, and although the expansions aren’t included, subscribers receive a small discount.

Obsidian did reveal back in July that they were working on a Series X optimisation for the title; although, strangely, it does not seem to appear on Xbox’s official list of present and future optimised games.

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