The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer was Released Today

Are you ready to explore The Outer Worlds? With the game finally coming next week, Obsidian has released their Launch Trailer today, focusing on player choices, as it is Obsidian's trademark when it comes to RPGs. You might be able to scratch that itch for waiting until next week.

Outer Worlds Launch Trailer The Outer Worlds launch trailer that was released today poses the question: What exactly are you going to be in this new adventure? In accordance with Obsidian‘s RPG formula, this is a game in which your actions determine the story development and how different characters react to your presence. 

The trailer is an action-packed sequence of different places to be, characters to meet, weapons to use, and roles to take. It doesn’t end without some humor, although the action scenes show what is already known: this is a violent game. You can literally blast your way through enemies and it looks so satisfying to do so.

However, being Obsidian, the focus of the game will likely be, as it shows in the video below, the choices you make during the game. 

With The Outer Worlds going live next week, you might be wondering whether or not you are going to be able to play it right on midnight. The short answer is “yes”, as long as you are playing it on PC. For more information on the release schedule, we have you covered. 

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