The Other 99 has received a new features trailer

Burning Arrow have released a new trailer for their early access action-survival title The Other 99 showcasing what you will be getting up to in the game.

The Other 99 has received a new features trailer
A new features trailer has been released for The Other 99. Released on Steam Early Access 6 months ago, The Other 99 is a first-person, action-survival game where you are stranded on an island and have to navigate the environment and fight other survivors to escape.

You can view the new features trailer below:

Features Trailer- 6 months since launch- The Other 99

About the game, Burning Arrow have said:

The Other 99 is a deadly first-person action-survival game. Ripped from your ordinary life you awaken on a desolate, windswept Hebridian island with nothing but a single note that reads, “The only way off the island is through The Other 99”.
The Other 99 will stretch your humanity to breaking point as you fight to gather food, water and weapons on an island where you have nothing, where you are nothing. You are not special.
It is up to you to make yourself into something. Will you brutally murder all those who stand in your way? Or will you move silently through the forests, eliminating anyone that crosses your path? Just remember each person is unique and has their own story to tell and their own pieces of the jigsaw that makes up The Other 99.
How far will you go to survive?

If you like the look of The Other 99, the game is currently half price on Steam for 48 hours.

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