The No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update Adds an Exciting New Way To Play the Game

The No Man's Sky Expeditions update adds a ton of quality of life changes and a brand new mode. Start a new time-limited campaign and explore the galaxy with other players, complete milestones and earn cool rewards while doing so.

The No Mans Sky Expeditions Update Adds an Exciting New Way To Play the Game

The No Man’s Sky Expeditions update has just dropped and brings some surprising additions to the game. The second content patch this year after the Companions update focuses on new adventures, preferably with friends. Continuing to build on the foundations of the Origins expansion, this latest rework will focus on the quest systems and add many quality of life changes. Surprisingly it also adds a whole new way to experience the game.

Expeditions introduce a new mode with the same name. In it, you start a new run and have a randomized character, tech and ship. Each expedition is time-limited, offering a more concise adventure. During this quest, you will need to complete certain milestones, simple ones like repairing your ship and advancing to more complex tasks. What’s more interesting, the start planet is fixed for everyone. This means that you will stumble upon lots of players right from the start and will also be more likely to meet them on other planets as well. There is no need to cooperate with others if you feel particularly anti-social. Still, certain objectives will send you to Rendezvous planets, giving you a chance to catch up with other travelers.

Playing the Expedition mode will not only do a fresh start but will also award you sweet rewards. Gold is the theme here, with prizes such as a golden Gek helmet and the legendary Vector spaceship. You can transfer each reward to other save files as well.

Among the other improvements are tweaks to the combat in order to make it more exciting as well as creature improvements. Also added are faster load times and 4K UI, additions that are always welcome.

The No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update continues to improve the astounding exploration game. The new mode will add a fresh new way to play the game and will give seasoned players even more reasons to hop back in.

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