The No Man’s Sky Companions Patch Lets You Have Pets

The Companion update lets No Man's Sky players tame creatures and have them as pets. The update lets players capture up to eight creatures, interact with them in various ways and even hatch their eggs for better versions of their new friends.

No Man's Sky Companion Patch Lets You Have Pets

Patches in No Man’s Sky always bring excitement to the community. Hello Games usually does not simply aim to squash a bug or add some minor improvements. No Man’s Sky will also find a way to add some new addition to the gameplay loop. In this case: a pet (or two) to keep you company on your space adventures! Named the Companions update, it focuses on befriending creatures and interacting with them in various ways.

If during one of your countless journeys you happen to fancy a creature you find, you can now adopt it. From there, it will follow you around, and you can interact with it in various ways, Tamagotchi style. You can feed them, play with them and even and customize their appearance. Creatures have different personalities, so each will behave differently with you or the other pets you have.

In case you grow particularly fond of some of your new friends, you can even try to, say, produce a better version of it. To do that, you can harvest their eggs and meddle with their genes in order to hatch variations with different properties.

No Man's Sky Companions Trailer

Now, a question many may have is, “Can I battle other players’ creatures?”. Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can, however, trade eggs of exotic and cool-looking creatures with other explorers.

Companions expand the already massive No Man’s Sky Origins update in an interesting new direction. We’ll see what exciting additions Hello Games has in store for the rest of the year.

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