The Next Call of Duty Is Going Back To WW2

More details have been leaked about the next Call of Duty game, including Vanguard as a subtitle. Sledgehammer Games will be developing the 2021 title. More info is likely to be shared with additional leaks leading up to an official reveal.

The Next Call of Duty Is Going Back To WW2

The next Call of Duty release will be returning to the World World 2 setting, potentially subtitled Vanguard. This was initially leaked by Modern Warzone on Monday and has now been confirmed by Eurogamer’s sources. The game will launch as usual late in the year and will be developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Modern Warzone and Eurogamer differ in regards to the details of the game. On Monday, it was stated it would take place in a Wolfenstein-esque alternate history, but Eurogamer believes that it will have a traditional WW2 setting. Likewise, Modern Warzone explained that the Vanguard subtitle is a codename; however, Eurogamer understands that this will be part of the official title.

Eurogamer has a reputation for accurately confirming leaks in the lead-up to a new Call of Duty announcement. It seems their sources are the real deal as they’ve verified COD leaks for five years in a row. Regardless, we’ll still have to wait a few months for any sort of official confirmation and trailer. Perhaps longer if the marketing campaign starts as late as Black Ops Cold War’s reveal.

Sledgehammer will be following the success of 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII. Reviewers praised the game for its gripping campaign, innovative multiplayer and horror-centric zombies mode. However, criticisms were levelled at the fact that it felt like it had all been done before. The series’ long history with WW2 games could make it difficult for the next Call of Duty game to stand out.

The studio was originally set to develop 2020’s COD title with Raven Software, but due to issues, Treyarch had to step in instead. Fortunately, the continued success of Warzone has allowed Activision to switch-up the three-year cycle of developers. The next Call of Duty game will probably be integrated into the mode as seen with Black Ops Cold War.

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