Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown May Be 27 Times Smaller Than Previous Title

The all new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is taking place on Hong Kong island, fully recreated and polished in 1:1 scale. It may sound huge, but the true size of the Island isn't as big as you might think. In fact, it's 27 times smaller than Test Drive Unlimited 2, which is comparable to the Forza Horizon titles.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown May Be 27 Times Smaller Than Previous Title

As per usual, the new TDU title takes place on an island, and this time we’ll be cruising around Hong Kong Island, a place with a great mixture of city life and an outback with steep mountains. The franchise is rather known for having incredibly large maps with beautiful driving roads across the islands, but foremost, players remember TDU as being the franchise with one of the greatest video game maps ever built. That seems to still be the case as Hong Kong Island is roughly 27 times smaller than Ibiza and O‘ahu combined!

It’s not confirmed whether TDU Solar Crown will be restricted to Hong Kong island only, or maybe even stretch out to the mainland. The latest trailer, however, does not show anything regarding a potential expansion or second location. So, we may presume it’s the only location, which isn’t actually that large. At least for a game that’s about to come out in 2022. Considering KT Racing actually showed us parts of the mainland in their trailer, we cannot rule out that these bridges will lead to somewhere, so we may not be stuck on the island for good.

The Solar Crown logo, featured in the reveal trailer

The Solar Crown logo, featured in the reveal trailer

According to Google, Hong Kong Island has an area of 78.5 km², which is comparable to Forza Horizon 4 with more or less 71 km². Due to the size of the map, the new title may be a spin-off. Otherwise, it must’ve been called TDU 3, but now it’s under the name Solar Crown, which could indicate a completely new series being in development. With that said, a smaller map doesn’t mean anything bad because it’s focusing on racing and the campaign.

On the other hand, having a smaller map could make fans have higher expectations of other features such as driving physics or realism in general. We’ve learned from TDU 2 that details may be excluded completely, and that’s proved to work. Even though that game had less realism than its competitors, it managed to score an impressive 96% from Google users. At that time, the famous Forza Motorsport 4 scored 94%, which truly shows that physics, graphics, or realism doesn’t necessarily make a game good.

Apparently, those 2116.6 km² of accessible places in TDU 2 gave a fantastic result. During the release of the second trailer, KT Racing clearly stated that Hong Kong Island has been recreated and they have copied every single detail from reality, which perhaps counterbalances the size of the map.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - Welcome to...

KT Racing did not announce when to expect more news, however, we’ll receive more news as we approach the launch in September 2022. Until then, you may have a look at the upcoming Forza Horizon 5, launching in November this year!

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