The New Granblue Fantasy: Versus Character Belial Dropped Today

The new Granblue Fantasy: Versus character, Belial the fallen angel, was released today, September 24. His ranged poke and counter-based gameplay is available as the game’s first DLC character in its second season, with cutesy mage Cagliostro following at a later date.

The New Granblue Fantasy: Versus Character Belial Dropped TodayExpect to get very provocative and edgy with the new Granblue Fantasy: Versus character, Belial. To not get too into the incredibly convoluted and complex lore of Granblue Fantasy, just know that Belial is a pretty bad guy. He takes pleasure in causing chaos and has the goal of bringing upon the end of the world. How does this all translate into gameplay? I’m glad you asked!

Belial brings to the table extremely effective projectile gameplay. He looks to keep you away with rotating scythes that the player can choose to move across the screen to cover different approaches. If your opponent happens to close the gap you so carefully have created, then just stylishly counter them. His counter move has him walking forward with his hands outstretched and an evil grin, causing him to appear above your opponent with a bounce attack once hit during the animation.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Belial DLC Character Trailer | PS4

We gave Granblue Fantasy: Versus a good score in our review, and it seems like since then the game has gotten a lot better. If you’re into a slower-pace-than-usual anime fighting game, then definitely consider GF: V. Will you be picking up Belial, and if so, what are your thoughts on him? Let us know down below!

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