The Lightbringer Gets Launch Date & New Trailer

The heartfelt, poetic puzzle platformer, The Lightbringer, just got a launch date and new trailer. Guided by your sister's spirit, you must cleanse the corruption and restore the light. The adventure starts in just a couple of short weeks from now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Lightbringer Gets Launch Date & New Trailer

Developer Rock Square Thunder and publisher Zordix Publishing have announced a launch date for The Lightbringer. The poetic puzzle platformer will arrive on both Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 7th. A free demo is also available to play on both platforms if you want to try it out. The story is told fully in verse, and with full voice acting as your sister’s spirit guides you.

In The Lightbringer, players will delve into a heartfelt story about two siblings. The world has been overtaken by a terrible corruption. Guided by the spirit of your sister, you embark on a great quest to save it. Your sister took up this noble task before you, but unfortunately, she did not succeed.

The Lightbringer Announcement Trailer

You’ll need to explore, jump, and fight your way through each area to progress. In fact, The Lightbringer takes a lot of inspiration from titles like early entries in The Legend of Zelda series. However, this game is composed of levels rather than a big overworld. You’ll need to find and collect the light motes in each level. Once you have enough, you’ll be able to cleanse the monolith and clear the level.

The poem from the game’s intro sequence reveals your heroic burden. In-game, it includes full voice acting as your sister’s melancholy spirit speaks to you.

“Dear Brother,
When this letter reaches your hands, I will no longer be protecting our lands.
With great sorrow I pass this duty onto you.
Do not be afraid, as I will guide you through.
You will travel these lands across the shores, across the skies.
I’ll be there for you, with all of my heart, kind words and eyes.
Ancient puzzles will challenge the mind.
Solve them all and see what you’ll find.
On your journey, you’ll face the corruption.
Fight it my brother, there’s no other option.
Lightbringer, your story is about to begin.
Do you have enough courage and light within?”

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