The Latest Forgotten City Trailer Announces PC Release Date

The latest Forgotten City trailer reveals when gamers will be able to play the title on PC. The follow-up to one of the most successful Skyrim mods will bring a whole new setting but promises to retain its smart writing and clever time travel shenanigans.

The Latest Forgotten City Trailer Announces PC Release Date

The Forgotten City, a time travel murder investigation adventure game, is nearing its release date. Once a beloved Skyrim mod, it’s now turned into a full re-imagining of its progenitor. The latest trailer reveals when gamers can expect to play the game: sometime in May this year.

The Forgotten City is one of the most played Skyrim mods with nearly half a million unique downloads. In it, you find yourself in a hidden city that at first seems like a paradise. Its inhabitants live completely sheltered from harm and have all the needed conveniences. There is a catch, however—if anyone dares to commit a sin, the whole place will be destroyed. To make things worse, you discover that someone will surely enact a crime at some point, thus damning the city.

The full game expectantly ditches the Elder Scrolls roots of its predecessor and now takes place in an ancient Roman settlement. However, expect to find all other features that made the mod so famous. The developers promise that the game will carry the same clever writing, interesting puzzles and a branching story, leading to different endings. You will also have to be wary of your actions as the Golden rule (do no sin) applies to you as well. 

The Forgotten City - Official Release Window Trailer

We will see whether the full game will manage to live up to the success of its predecessor next month.