The Last of Us Part I Is Coming to PC “Very Soon”

Two days ago, Sony officially showed the gameplay of The Last of Us Part I Remake. The game will be released on PS5 already on the second of September. But when the game will be available for PC gamers? One of the developers cleared things up.

This week, my colleague Chris Torossian took a deep dive into the latest presentation of The Last of Us Part I, including not only the showcase itself but also carefully analyzing different technical changes. Furthermore, as part of the showcase, Sony announced the release date of the game on PlayStation 5. The game will come out on Sony’s console of the current generation already on September 2nd.

If we recall the game’s presentation at the recent Summer Game Fest, then on this show, the notorious game director Neil Druckmann also shared that the game will be available “later” on PC. From that moment on, there have been no details regarding the release date on personal computers. Until this week.

The Last of Us Part I remade graphics

The Last of Us Part I remade graphics

Jonathan Benainous, who is working as the Senior Environment Texture Artist, decided to shed light on this situation. In his response to a fan tweet, Jonathan revealed that The Last of Us Part I will be released on PC “very soon after the PS5 release”.

Previously, games, such as Days Gone or Horizon Zero Dawn, came out on PC and immediately “tore up” sales charts. God of War, the latest ex-exclusive, has dominated the top of Steam for a very long time. Moreover, even after dropping out of the top, it was immediately replaced by the recently announced Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, which will be released on August 12th.

We should not rule out that Sony will keep releasing its exclusive on PC.

SOURCE: The Twitter account of Jonathan Benainous

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