The Inner World released on PlayStation 4

The game is available in Europe, Australia and Africa on PlayStation 4. The Xbox One release as well as the US region will follow tomorrow (March 31).

The Inner World released on PlayStation 4 
The critically acclaimed and manifold awarded adventure game The Inner World  is available on PlayStation 4 for €14,99 / £11.99 in the PlayStation Store all across Europe, Australia and Africa. The US region will follow on Friday (March 31), as well as the global release on Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 trailer for The Inner World:

The Inner World - PS4™ Trailer EN

The Inner World has been fully localized to English including a great cast of voice actors and also features direct gamepad controls in order to provide the best console gaming experience. Explore the adventures of Robert, Laura and Peck and delight in challenging puzzles, enchanting characters and the beautifully hand-drawn world of Asposia. If you're stuck in a puzzle or just seem to be lacking that little final hint to solve some of Asposia's mysterious riddles, our patented multi-level hint system is there to help you out. It gently pushes you into the right direction, without spoiling too much information.

Xbox One users can relief: The Inner World will also come to Xbox One tomorrow (March 31) for €14,99 / £11.99. Early birds will get a 10% release discount until next Wednesday. In addition, it will be released in the US region on Friday, on both PS4 and Xbox One for $14.99.

The Xbox One trailer for The Inner World:

The Inner World - Xbox One Trailer EN

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