Huge Space Engineers: Heavy Industry Update is Here

Developer Keen Software House has just unleashed the massive Space Engineers: Heavy Industry update. It adds a ton of new blocks, improvements, and fixes to the game. This major update is one of the biggest the title has seen so far.

Space Engineers Gets Huge Heavy Industry Update

The massive Space Engineers: Heavy Industry update (v1.199) is out now on Steam and Xbox. Developer Keen Software House has added a ton of new blocks and improvements to the game. One is the brand new “Pertam Orbiter” scenario. It centers around an asteroid outpost perched high above the Pertam desert.

Space Engineers: Heavy Industry brings 64 new armor blocks. They come in light and heavy armor versions for both large and small building grids. Players also now have access to Magnetic Plates. You can use them for things like custom landing gear, cranes, and more. As a result, they can be used on large or small building grids. Keen Software House also added a bunch of fan-made music tracks from the “Sounds of Space Engineers” contest.

Space Engineers: Update 1.199 - Heavy Industry


Additional Heavy Industry Information

If you want to see more, you’re in luck. Keen Software House CEO, Marek Rosa, wrote a sizeable blog post on the update. It says the brake toggle and power toggle features were also improved. You now have more fine-grained control over whether these toggles will affect connected sub-grids. For example, if you toggle off the power on one building grid, it won’t affect sub-grids unless you tell it to. Both features are now more intuitive to work with. The blog post also includes the tracklist for the previously mentioned fan-made music tracks, and much more.

Keen Software House also did a Heavy Industry live stream. This launch celebration event lasted almost 1.5 hours:

Heavy Industry - Update Release Livestream - 5PM UTC - July 28th OLD


Space Engineers: Heavy Industry Quick Summary

Space Engineers: Heavy Industry is divided into two parts. The second section is cosmetic-only items that allow you to do more theming in your world. They make up the Heavy Industry Pack (DLC), which costs just $3.99.

The developers didn’t want to just make every update a paid expansion. So instead they took this approach to help fund ongoing development. The major stuff is free while the cosmetic additions are an optional purchase. Here is an overview of both parts:

Free Update Features:

  • Improved Parking brake behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Improved Toggle Power behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Added 64 armor panel blocks
  • Added 1x1x1 small grid merge block
  • Added 2 magnetic plate blocks
  • Added 3 LCD poster panels
  • Added new Pertam Orbiter scenario

Heavy Industry Pack (DLC) Features:

  • Large Magnetic Plate
  • Beam Blocks
  • Industrial Conveyor Pipes
  • Cylindrical Column
  • Vertical Button Panel
  • Large Hydrogen Tank Reskin
  • Large Cargo Container Reskin
  • Industrial Refinery
  • Industrial Assembler
  • Industrial Hydrogen Thrusters
  • Hazard Pattern Armor Skin

As you can see, Space Engineers: Heavy Industry players have a lot of new stuff to play with. Those on Steam may be able to play it wherever they want later this year, via Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck. The portable machine is set to launch in December.

An infographic of the Space Engineers: Heavy Industry update.

An infographic of the Space Engineers: Heavy Industry update.


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