The Greatest Living Show, A Music Collaboration ft. Itoki Hana & Toby Fox

Toby Fox reveals his latest project, The Greatest Living Show. Composed by Toby Fox, this original musical video is sung by Itoki Hana and features hand-drawn animation by Bani-Chan. Dive into this fantasy circus dream as you become enveloped in the harmonious melody.

The Greatest Living Show, A Music Collaboration ft. Itoki Hana & Toby Fox

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, revealed a teaser last week on the latest project he’s been working on. Collaborating with Itoki Hana, a Japanese singer-songwriter, Fox announced their upcoming music video, The Greatest Living Show. The music video features hand-drawn animation by Bani-chan, a digital artist with incredibly angelic illustrations.

Toby Fox is well-known for his games’ music, composing the entire soundtrack for his game. However, this isn’t the first time Itoki Hana and Fox have worked together. In 2018, Fox composed Hana’s song “74”, which reeled in around 1.2 million views. The two also collabed with Omocat, the creator of Omori, in 2022 for a song called Skies Blue Forever.

Bani-Chan also makes a reappearance in this new collab. BANI’s art is featured on the album cover for “74”. According to Fox, he commissioned her for the music video after giving her a loose outline of the story and a translation for the lyrics, allowing free reign for the artist. After 2 years, Bani-Chan was able to complete the video entirely on her own. Viewers can watch in awe as each frame, character, design and pose is drawn and animated by her own hand.  So be sure to check out their succeeding piece, The Greatest Living Show, a cirque du solei-esque film featuring mesmerizing artwork and a hypnotizing melody.

The Greatest Living Show /Toby Fox & Itoki Hana

SOURCE: Toby Fox Announcement Tweet, Undertale/Deltarune Newsletter

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