The Good Life’s Developer Is Determined To Finish The Game

The Good life is a murder mystery game with stunning, unique visuals. The game has been having trouble meeting its goals on crowdfunding sites for some absolutely bizarre reason! Nevertheless Swery is determined to see it through!
The Good Life's Developer Is Determined To Finish The Game

The Good Life is still having a hard time on the old crowdfunding sites (Personally I just think the game needs a slightly stronger advertisement campaign). But Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro is determined turn this game into a reality. During last year's Game Devs Conference in San Francisco, Swery spoke to Gamespot about the title, stating:

As a creator, I have this innate desire to make something. When I look back on the original crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life, we recognized we made a lot of mistakes. It would be a missed opportunity to just walk away from that as once time experience, and because we have that passion we're willing to come back to the table and state that this is the thing we're doing better, and these are the things we've learned. And another thing is that online community has been really inspiring for us, and they've really pushed us to move forward with this project. Even though the last campaign didn't succeed, it still excited a lot of people to the point where we're people are sending us pictures of their cats and dogs on twitter. I just feel very compelled to take this to the finish line.

Personally, I have no doubt that the sheer determination alone with eventually be enough to make The Good Life a reality. But hopefully with the right timing, campaign and advertising that day will come sooner! You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

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