The Good Life Has Been Relaunched On Kickstarter

''A new mystery from the creator of Deadly Premonition''. White Owls inc are trying again to crowdfund their new game, The Good Life. The game boasts unique graphics and a bizarre murder mystery story. The games campaign is now live on Kickstarter and it looks better than ever!

The Good Life Has Been Relaunched On Kickstarter
Having failed the 1st crowdfunding campaign, it's fair (and ironic) to say that The Good Life hasn't had a fantastic start to life. However, White Owls Inc (created by Swery, the creator of Deadly Premonition) are trying again, Only this time they're going all out! Rather than the previous site they used, Fig, they instead chose the widely popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter for their platform, they're also asking for a considerably smaller funding goal and the game seems to have had quite the graphical upgrade!

The Good Life is a murder mystery adventure game set in a rural town in England called Rainy Woods, apparently the happiest town in the world. You play as Naomi, a young woman from New York who flees to this town to pay off her debt by working as a photographer. Later, a woman's body is discovered and so the murder mystery reveals itself.

The Good Life Has Been Relaunched On Kickstarter
The game has this unique Tearaway esc feel which just oozes charm and character. A very nice contrast to the dark tones of the overall story! Aside from unique visuals it seems the game is also not short of that Japanese weirdness that we know and love, with people apparently turning into cats and dogs at night.
You can check out/support the Kickstarter campaign here!

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