The Free Games This May From PS PLUS

Playstation Plus has new games ready for us! With May just around the corner, Let's take a little peak at what's to offer! If you haven't already, grab Aprils game quickly before it's too late!

The Free Games This May From PS PLUS
Sony have recently announced all the free games that they are going to be throwing at us this May So without further ado, let's take a look at them:

  • Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) A psychological thriller from the makers of the award-winning game Heavy Rain.
  • Rayman Legends (PS4) A 2D platform game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. 
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords (PS3) An action role-playing game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver.
  • Eat Them! (PS3) A spiritual successor to Rampage. This is a Beat Em Up game developed by FluffyLogic and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • King Oddball (PS Vita, Cross-Buy with PS3 and PS4) A simple but addictive 2D puzzle game published by 10Tone ltd.
  • Furmins (PS Vita) A physics-based action puzzle game originally developed for iOS devices by Housemarque.

This is a great and varies list but the one tittle that really stands out to me is Rayman Legends with its gorgeous art style and chaotic yet Smooth-As-Butter gameplay… Oh, it also has Local Co-Op and weekly challengesAs a bonus, Sony are also offering an exclusive offer for all  PS Plus members. If you Sign up for Spotify Premium through your PS4, and you’ll save 10% on the monthly subscription fee.

BEYOND: Two Souls - Launch Trailer | PS4

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