The Forza Horizon 4 Steam Release Met With Mixed Reception

The Forza Horizon 4 Steam version has finally been released, but some players are unhappy with it. Currently sporting a Mixed rating, the title is off to a rocky start. What has caused this negativity and can it affect your decision to purchase the game?

The Forza Horizon 4 Steam Release Met With Mixed Reception Cover

The long-awaited Forza Horizon 4 Steam version hit the store on March the 9th to great expectations from fans of the genre. The release was quite significant since it is the first title of the series to grace the platform. Yet, despite all hype and goodwill towards the game, it currently has a Mixed user rating. So why all the negativity?

All about the money

The most pointed-out problem of the Steam version is the asking price. While many players expected the arcade racer to come at a discount, the release is actually a full-priced AAA title. As with the Microsoft Store, you will need to cough up 60$ in order to get it, which many reviewers seem to find unacceptable. As the game is almost three years old and it is not actually a new PC release, such a price tag is somewhat baffling. Furthermore, since Forza Horizon 4 is included in the Xbox Game Pass for 10$ a month, the purchase becomes even more questionable for many.

The problem is even bigger for European customers, as they are actually required to pay more. While 60$ approximately equals 50€, the Forza Horizon 4 Steam price is actually 70€. With a prize of a next-gen game, it is not surprising that some feathers have been rustled by this release.

You might not be able to use your steering wheel at this point in time

You might not be able to use your steering wheel at this point in time

Strange car noises

The Steam port also comes with a few technical issues and oversights. Many players express their disappointment of the lack of a cross-save feature, a strange omission given the fact that an Xbox account is still required.

This version also appears to have lag and micro-stuttering during certain portions of the game. If you plan to play Forza Horizon 4 on Steam with a controller or a steering wheel, you might also want to check the comment section as currently, some models are reportedly not working.

Hot Wheels

Despite all mentioned problems and negativity currently surrounding the Forza Horizon 4 Steam version, it still remains a largely well received title. With over 450 different cars to collect, a dynamic season system and tons of events and features the racer can deliver tens of hours of engaging gameplay. While the problems with the port can certainly be annoying, there isn’t anything that strikes as particularly hard to fix. 

Overall, if you can stomach the high price and live with the technical issues the game currently has, you should give it a go. Otherwise, maybe wait for a few patches down the line and possibly for sale.

Forza Horizon 4 is coming to Steam