The Forest Gets One Last Update Before its Release

The Forest gets one last update before its launch on April 30, 2018. Ever since the games early access was released in 2014, The Forest gained a large positive following. What will this update have in store for the fans?

The Forest Gets One Last Update Before its Release
When The Forest released on Early Access in 2014 it was hailed with praise for it's refreshing gameplay and forcing players to come up with their own strategy to survive. Looking at all the updates over the last 4 years it feels like a life time ago. Needless to say the game has grown from strength to strength but finally The Forest will see its release on  April 30th. But not before one last pre launch update! So… those of you signed up for early access, get cracking! The devs released a statement with info on the update:

This is our first pre-release patch, expect a few more in lead up to release as we try and fix up the last remaining issues.
This patch contains a ton of fixes, changes, optimizations, new items, new story elements, some new buildables, and a ton of surprises we don’t want to spoil via changelog. We’ll release the full list of changes on Monday along with release.
Oh and there’s now a locked door on the yacht.

With new updates on the story… and that locked door on the yacht I'm sure everyone will be very eager to get back into this already outstanding title! That locked door though… hmmmm. What's behind it?

The recent trailer for The Forest:

The Forest Trailer 4

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