The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Is Now Live

Ahead of the its release on the 10th of April, the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is now live for PS4 users. You can download and play through Final Fantasy VII's iconic first mission: the Mako Reactor 1 bombing. Experience the beginning of the long awaited story!

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is now LiveFor those clamoring a return to the past, an early gift awaits: a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has gone live. Across the large Mako Reactor complex, you play as the giant sworld-wielding Cloud or the gun-armed Barret Wallace and as they journey through their mission against the Shinra Electric Power Company, bombing the reactor with hopefully enough time to escape. 

This mission of course includes meeting the Scorpion Sentinel, the first boss of the game. Afterwards, you’ll need to escape the complex with enough time remaining, getting a taste of the new combat system firsthand. Whilst fighting off enemy soldiers, you’ll be testing the system’s mix of real time combat and menu-based commands, going back and forth between regular attacks and special abilities. 

Cloud in combat

Cloud in combat

A tip to remember is that the Scorpion Sentinel hates electricity, so remember your thunder attack! 

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is now ready to download at the PSN store (UK or US). Whilst the the game is getting its official release on the 10th of April, it’s only part 1 of the full story, the rest of which will be released episodically. Only covering the Midgar section of Final Fantasy VII, we currently don’t know how many other parts the game have been split into and when they’re being released. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy a sweet free demo.

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