The Escapists 2 announced for PC and consoles

The hit Indie game The Escapists is getting a sequal! This new game is once again being developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and looks fairly similar to the original but a bit more polished. The reveal trailer is made by Team17.

More break outs! The Escapists 2 announced for PC and consoles
Team 17 just released a new reveal trailer, showing off the sequel of hit indie game The Escapists. It's a bit more polished than the first game, but mostly looks still the same.

The new gameplay elements is what  take the spotlight: there is more character customization, more items to make, and more ways to get rid of people. You’ll also have the opportunity to kill time in more interesting ways as you can do arts and crafts or play an instrument while you plan your escape.

But the most interesting addition is the multiplayer option. Not content with just co-op or versus, and local or online, Mouldy Toof is sticking all these options into The Escapists 2 to make busting out of the joint a group affair.

The Escapists 2 Reveal Trailer

Let us know what your thoughts are about this sequel in the comments!

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