The End is Nigh! – A New Game from Edmund McMillen

From the twisted mind of the creator of Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, comes The End is Nigh! Spikes and projectiles hinder the quest of a cute black blob named Ash, who only wants to make a friend (and not die, if he can help it).

The End is Nigh! - A New Game from Devs of Binding of Isaac
Doom, gloom, and spikes loom in the teaser trailer for Edmund McMillen's (The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy) new game, The End is Nigh. In what can only be described as a darker Super Meat Boy, the game places the care of a small black blob who has to navigate spikes, projectiles, and other hazards as he moves toward his goal: making a friend. Aww.

The End Is Nigh! (teaser trailer)

With the trailer comes a Steam page for the upcoming game. The character's name is Ash, one of the few "survivors" of some apocalyptic event. The game boasts over 600 levels. That's a lot, to say the least. Tosn of collectibles and hidden secrets are also promised. No surprise there, as McMillen's other games, The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boywere filled to burst with collectible items, characters, and endings. Oh, and yes, that is in fact Rich Evans of RedLetterMedia fame voicing the ill-fated let's player.

Keep an eye out for The End is Nigh on steam this July 12th.

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