The Division Survival DLC drops tomorrow!

The streets of New York just got darker and colder as the Survival DLC descends onto the post-apocalyptic world of The Division tomorrow. Available on PC and Xbox as of 22/11/2016 and PS4 at a slightly later date, the streets have never been more dangerous.

The Dark Zone will harbour a whole new batch of horrors tomorrow as the long awaited Survival update for The Division arrives on Xbox and PC.

The update will be delayed for PS4 until the 20th of December. The DLC update will be included in the Season Pass for Ubisoft's post apocalyptic Shooter-RPG, although it can be purchased separately for those that wish to do so.

Within the Survival update, Division agents are thrown into a snowstorm in The Dark Zone as their helicopter is taken down. Agents must survive and recover the powerful anti-virals somewhere within The Dark Zone as they attempt to survive the extreme conditions, having to fight against cold, disease, hunger and thirst. This update creates use for many of the cosmetic items within the game, meaning hats and scarves become valuable commodities and an essential part of survival. Along with the 24 agents in the Dark Zone all competing for the cure, another threat lurks: The Hunter. This enemy will hunt down the stranded agents, killing them and wearing their watches as trophies.

Players will be able to choose whether they play in PvP or PvE, with PvP offering a more tense and dangerous experience, but increased rewards. The Survival DLC is accompanied by a free update, version 1.5, which introduces new high-end gear pieces, weapons, and a new tier of world activities.

You can view the full patch notes here

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