The Division 2 Officially Confirmed

Two years since the release of the first game, Ubisoft have officially announced The Division 2. The release of the upcoming title was announced in a recent livestream; it was also confirmed that the game will be developed by the same primary developers as the first instalment of the series, including: Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, and Red Storm.

The Division 2 Officially Confirmed
As part of the The Division 2, you will be able to transfer 'some' of your progress from the first game. Further details are yet to be announced until E3 2018, which is set to be held in June in Los Angeles, California. News of the The Division 2, was originally leaked by the stock website, 4-Traders, which occasioned a blog post from creative director Julian Gerighty. Additionally, an image showcasing the logo of The Division 2 was found on the Ubisoft webpage.

Despite enduring heavy criticism upon its launch, there is little surprise that Ubisoft have continued The Division franchise, after multiple patches and updates have improved the overall gameplay quality of the game. The upcoming game is likely to release on PS4, Xbox and PC, but an official release date is not known at the time of me writing this. 

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