The Delightful Chuchel Is Out Soon

Delightfully charming indie game Chuchel, developed by Amanita Design will be available for purchase from March 7th. It is the studio's first attempt at incorporating comedy into one of their games and will release only on PC and MAC

The Delightful Chuchel Is Out Soon
There's a reason that developer name rings a bell. Amanita is the very same studio that brought us the memorable Machinarium back in 2009. It was a fiendishly difficult puzzler at times, but is most fondly remembered for its high levels of detail in hand drawn animation. Chuchel is no different, although its setting allows it more vibrant colour schemes. While Machinarium did not lack for charisma, its overall themes were quite dark and sinister. In a complete role reversal, Chuchel's focus is on comedy.

Imagine Scrat from Ice Age as he tirelessly defends his beloved acorn from the world around it and you're about there. Chuchel delivers its comedy through a similar kind of setup and Amanita Design having displayed a penchant for whacky animation and imaginative puzzle design, it will likely be a point and click game to remember. In the case of Chuchel, we see a loveable ball of fur that battles anything and anyone that gets between him and his favourite cherry. 

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