The Dark Pictures: Little Hope on Track for Summer Release

Witches, creepy towns, and more campy teenage tropes! Supermassive’s newest stand alone cinematic thriller game is set to release within the next few months. With promised improvements on character and camera control, it’s safe to say that fans are excited to celebrate Halloween a bit early.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope On Track For This Summer Release

While the existence of an incoming game is old news to anyone who played Man of Medan, there has been very little talk about what to really expect from Dark Pictures: Little Hope. However, with the summer months fast approaching, Supermassive Games have dropped a teaser trailer for the game, as well as a developer diary going in depth into designing the experience.

The video features Supermassive CEO, Pete Samuels, discussing gameplay, costume design, and new improvements to be on the lookout for. Similar to its predecessor, Little Hope will revolve around a group of young adults as their night goes from good, to bad, to corpses and jumpscares. This time around, players will find themselves in an abandoned New England Town, surrounded by a mysterious heavy fog.


Similar to the lore behind Man of Medan, the next installment has multiple influences that attribute to the overall skin-crawling environment. The town of Little Hope might be abandoned when our main characters stumble in, but it was a thriving community in 1642. Well, maybe thriving isn’t the right word. Through cutscenes we can see that Little Hope was plagued by the Salem Witch Trials. On the fictional side of things, themes from Blair Witch, The Omen, It Follows, and the dead giveaway-Silent Hill, fill the atmosphere.

Samuels also touches on the topic of actual gameplay issues, which some fans were worried about after the Man of Medan release. Returning from the first game are three different modes of play. A classic solo playthrough, online multiplayer, and the “Movie Night Mode”. There have also been changes made to the Quick Time Events scattered throughout the game. Players felt as though there was little warning as to when they would appear, and that the game relied too heavily on them. The developers took the criticism, and assured fans that there will be better indicators to help keep all the characters alive.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope - Official Reveal Trailer

No release date has been announced yet, but The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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