The Callisto Protocol Team Has Partnered Up With Skybound Games

Striking Distance Studios are teaming up with the relatively new gaming company, who are owned by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The Dead Space spiritual successor is planned for release in 2022, although the developer plans to reveal more of the game sometime this year.

The Callisto Protocol Team Has Partnered Up With Skybound Games coverTaking to Twitter on Tuesday, the official account for the upcoming survival-horror game The Callisto Protocol announced a partnership with Skybound Games, known for having worked primarily on The Walking Dead related projects so far, such as VR title Saints & Sinners

The new partner updated its website with a blog post confirming the collaboration. It seems as though they will focus on the potential expansion of the game’s world, as opposed to development, though. 

With its expertise in building horror-themed transmedia brand extensions, Skybound will act as a strategic partner for Striking Distance Studios and publisher KRAFTON, Inc. bringing its global marketing and distribution capabilities to the game.

Owner Robert Kirkman followed up by alluding to his company’s success in branching out the universe of The Walking Dead. He stated, “we can’t wait to explore similar possibilities for The Callisto Protocol with Skybound’s multi-platform expertise”, and he wishes to bring the game to life in “games and beyond”. Kirkman rose to fame with his famous, zombie-horror comic book series, although he is no stranger to TV adaptations. These are both avenues his gaming division could be exploring for the new IP.

The game was first revealed during The Game Awards 2020 to wide fanfare. The cinematic trailer evoked memories of the outstanding Dead Space series, which the studio’s founder, Glen Schofield, originally created. Schofield has built Striking Distance into a 150-strong team, who aim to deliver “the most terrifying game of all time”. 

The Callisto Protocol - Cinematic Trailer Reveal

Despite taking place in PUBG’s universe, the game is single-player and narrative-driven, infusing horror and science-fiction akin to its obvious inspiration. The Callisto Protocol is due to release on PS5, Series X and PC in 2022.