The Callisto Protocol Hasn’t Been Delayed, That Was a Typo

After speculation that upcoming horror title The Callisto Protocol had been delayed, developers Striking Distance Studios were quick to confirm it was all a big misunderstanding. And even sweetened the news by confirming the game will have a 60fps Performance Mode at launch.

The Callisto Protocol Hasn’t Been Delayed, That Was a Typo

Despite what it originally said on the Epic Games Store, The Callisto Protocol has not been delayed.

The Epic Games Store is currently running a Halloween Sale (from October 18 to November 1), and one of the games listed was Striking Distance Studio’s new horror IP The Callisto Protocol. However, there was a problem: the page listed the game’s release date as February 12 2023, causing much concern amongst fans and fuelling rumours that it had been delayed.

Thankfully, this was quickly resolved by a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account confirming it was just a mistake and the game will be sticking to its original release date of December 2 2022. The Epic Games Store had subsequently been updated to the correct date.

Fans, naturally, are pleased. The Callisto Protocol will be releasing on time, and recent trailers and gameplay footage show it’s shaping up to be a worthy spiritual successor to Dead Space. The listing error was probably caused by a simple misunderstanding, as the American short date for December 2 (12/2) is the same as the British short date for February 12.


60 FPS Performance Mode

The developers didn’t stop there with the good news, however. In the same tweet confirming the game will stick to its original release date, Striking Distance Studio also confirmed that the game will have a 60fps Performance Mode available at launch.

This news comes shortly after Warner Bros confirmed that their upcoming game, Gotham Knights, will be locked at 30fps on consoles. News that caused a lot of contention amongst fans looking forward to that game.

It seems the developers of The Callisto Protocol are proud not to be following suit. Instead, they hope to deliver a “new story-driven single-player survival horror” experience that delivers in both scares and quality. Recent gameplay footage shows a game that plays remarkably similar to the original Dead Space, but with plenty of fresh new (terrifying) enemies and ideas.

The Callisto Protocol - The Truth of Black Iron Trailer

The Callisto Protocol seems to be doing all it can to pull in fans of the Dead Space series, but with a Dead Space remake coming out just less than two months later on January 27 2023, it might have a little competition.