The Bunker’s coming next month to PS4, XBO, and PC

The live-action horror game set in an abandoned nuclear bunker is set to release next month, according to developer Wales Interactive. Created entirely with real-life footage, the game uses no CGI or motion capture in its choice driven gameplay.

The Bunker's coming next month to PS4, XBO, and PC
Developer Wales Interactive announced yesterday that live-action horror game The Bunker will be making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month.

Players are offered to be able to decide the outcome of various characters within the title, featuring cast members like Adam Brown from The Hobbit Trilogy, Sarah Greene from Penny Dreadful, and Grahame Fox from Game of Thrones. The game is also written by screenwriters from SOMA, The Witcher series, and the Broken Sword series. A trailer can be found below:

The Bunker – Announcement Trailer | PS4

No CGI or motion-capture was used for the game, as it consists entirely of live-action footage filmed in an abandoned nuclear shelter. No specific date in September is yet known.

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