The Birdcage – musical video game?

The Birdcage - musical video game? You can look forward to a music album produces as a video game featuring artists from Guns N' Roses, Evanescence, Epica, Within Temptaion and many others.

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Capricia Productions from Israel are making quite an interesting title. Imagine you could play a game and fully enjoy new album of your favourite composers, bands, musicians. Is it really possible? This is what the studio says about the game and for them it is possible:

What is The Birdcage?

Wwhat we are intending to do is strikingly simple still yet untried – We are going to record a concept album, a really good one. Then we are going to create a video game for it. The album will not be a soundtrack for the game and the game will not be a casual click around game. The two will be a truly integrated product. Think of it as a very complicated, very smart, interactive and expensive music video clip which you control throughout the whole album.

The project has already received a lot of press from leading magazines thoughout the world including Metal-Hammer, Loudwire, Roling Stone Magazine, Calcalist and dozens of other sources.

And now just take into consideration that you can hear music from some very renowned guys (and girl :-)). Let's take a look at them and the team behind the game if we can call it a game!


Why is this project being created? Because The developers believe that music must move on and if the gaming industry is the fastest growing industry what could be better than merging these two platforms, genres together? The Birdcage should be a really atmospheric game with a deep story and you as a listener and player will be right in the middle of all the events and living through all the plot events prepared by the authors. Together with new songs implemented into the game to make the atmosphere even more tense.

Before the TV was invented there was only radio. And audio in general. Later video clips became common and you are watching them almost everywhere you go. Do we see here the next step, evolution? Musical video games? Who knows.

What should you expect from the game? It's based on the story of "The Beauty and the Beast". Also here is a young girl Gitta who will end up under the influence and subjugation of Bres, her new "owner". Because her dad has lost a big sum of money and therefore drugged her daughter without hesitation and handed her over to Gitta the winner. And then the abusive relationship begins and rush towards the inevitable end. As the developers say the end of the well known story is simply a Stockholm Syndrome. But here it should be given in a more cruel version.

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Still the main focus of the whole project remains the soundtrack. In other words music which will not be easy to listen because even the plot is not a fairy tale but music which will support the game and the artistic schemes and events will be played and enjoyed in the proper place and executed as planned. 

It's really hard to imagine and to tell you how the game will look like. So watch the trailers below to get some clues.

The Birdcage Trailer

What's more you can now vote the game also on Steam Greenlight. So check the site and show your interest. From our part we must say that such a project could be a big fail or a big hit. We believe that the latter will come true and even if the game will not be very successful only the names behind the music should be a mark of quality and maybe just the songs will be worth the price :-). In every case we will look closely on this project and inform you about news and maybe make an interview just for you, our readers.

Visit also the Patreon page where the game is explained in full details and you can support the game also by donating funds and becoming a patron. At this moment 190 patrons paid more than $1,277 per month and four milestones were reached.

Let's reinvent the world of music with The Birdcage!

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