The Big SEGA Announcement: The Mega Drive Mini!

SEGA announced that they would reveal something huge at this years SEGA Fes. That announcement turned out to be the Mega Drive Mini. Much like the SNES Mini from Nintendo, the Mega Drive Mini is a a miniature version of the original Mega Drive with a load of games preinstalled.

The Big SEGA Announcement: The Mega Drive Mini!
A few days ago, SEGA announced that something huge on the way and that it would be announced at the SEGA Fes which was taking place a few days later. Well that huge announcement, ironically turned out to be something mini! At the festival, SEGA revealed the Mega Drive Mini. Just like SNES Mini from Nintendo, The Mega Drive Mini is a smaller, compact version of the original Mega Drive, crammed full of classic games from the system.

The console will be produced by AtGames. In a post on their Facebook page,  AtGames said that the Mega Drive Mini would be released in Japan first and then "the US and other territories later this year".  There is currently no information as to what games are pre-loaded in the system. But expect the classics such as the 3 Sonic games (Hopefully Sonic And Knuckles), Streets Of Rage, Phantasy Star, Altered Beast, Comix Zone etc. SEGA also announced a compilation game for PS4, XBOX One and Steam so it will be interesting to see how they will convince us to buy both!

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