The Alchemist Code Will Shut Down Its Global Server March 31

Popular mobile strategy RPG, The Alchemist Code is officially shutting down its global server come March 31 of this year. As the reason behind the termination of service has not been stated, the announcement comes as a shock to fans of the game.

The Alchemist Code Will Shut Down Its Global Server March 31

The Alchemist Code is a full scale, turn-based, strategy role-playing game developed by Gumi for Android and iOS devices. The game was first released in Japanese only in 2016, then later saw a global release in 2017. The Alchemist Code allowed players to build and control a unit of up to four characters geared for tactical battle. It was favored amongst fans of the SRPG genre for its game mechanics, 3D animations and well-animated cutscenes. The game was also praised for its quality music and voice acting. However, despite the high ratings from fans, the global server which allowed for the game to be accessible in English, French, German, and Spanish, will be officially closed by the end of next month.

This news does not at all affect the Japanese server, so the game will continue to update content.

Players of the global server will not be able to make any more in-game purchases, and any remaining in-game currency must be spent by the closing date. If eligible, players can even request a refund on their unused purchases. A refund page will be made available after The Alchemist Code ends service, and players will have until June 3, 2023 to submit their player I.D, email address, and PayPal account to collect their refund.

The Alchemist Code - First Look Global Trailer

Source: IMPORTANT- The Alchemist Code to Be Closed on March 31, 2023


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