The Aftermath of a Ransacked Gamestop, Targeted in the US Riots

A video has emerged of an unnamed Gamestop store in ruins, due to the US Riots. The riots are a result of the ongoing hostility between the general public and US police, in retaliation to the widely reported George Floyd incident that is currently causing worldwide unrest and condemnation.

The Aftermath Of A Ransacked Gamestop, Targeted In The US Riots Cover

In what was already turning out to be a dismal 2020, the recent George Floyd death has continued the downturn in 2020’s morale status. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and more, the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd have incited riots across the US, in retaliation to police brutality. As a result, Gamestop has become the latest victim of the ongoing US riots, with a video surfacing of a Gamestop in desolation and ruin.

As you can see, the shop has been completely turned upside down and had a majority of its inventory raided and ripped out. It’s no secret that Gamestop has come under scrutiny over the years due to their apparent unwillingness to adequately credit customers for trade-ins. Even during the worldwide pandemic, Gamestop chose to ignore local shutdown requests. By doing so, Gamestop received a boost in their video game sales, presumably because few other places were an option to consumers.

Despite people’s reservations about Gamestop, I strongly discourage this behavior as this will cause a lot of unnecessary angst and additional workload for employees of these stores. The world is currently suffering enough, and I ask that you don’t advocate this kind of action.

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  1. These sort of actions solve nothing and the people who are looting are just jumping in the death of George Floyd as a way to get free shit. This man died in a horrible inexcusable way at the hands of a police officer who does not deserve the badge he holds, George Floyd deserves justice but blowing up buildings and ransacking businesses does not advocate as protest and is plain and simply criminal behaviour.


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