Tetris Effect: Connected Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

It has now been confirmed that Tetris Effect: Connected is finally dropping on the Switch this fall. Players on the console can get their hands on this evolution of the series in a couple of short months. While Switch players have missed out on this title, they at least had Tetris 99 to help them scratch that classic falling-block-puzzler itch.

Tetris Effect: Connected is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Tetris franchise has been connected to Nintendo for quite some time. Now a new entry is coming. Tetris Effect: Connected will land on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th. The game brings multiple ways to play with friends both locally and online, including cross-platform multiplayer. Players can enjoy single-player journey mode, battle against friends, or work together. Connected mode tasks you and your friends to clear three playfields cooperatively that act as one large field.

Tetris for the Gameboy enjoyed huge success. Later came Tetris DS, which added some Nintendo theming to the game. More recently, we saw Tetris 99 drop blocks on Switch Online. Tetris Effect: Connected is the latest Tetris game to drop on Nintendo hardware. While it appeared on Xbox last year, it had already been out on PlayStation 4 much earlier.

Tetris Effect: Connected attempts to expand the classic gameplay for a new generation. The game features cross-platform multiplayer, as well as both ranked and un-ranked play. Furthermore, the developers included over 10 game modes to dive into.

Tetris remains one of the most well-known puzzle games ever. Earlier this year, Switch Online’s Tetris 99 evolved the staple gameplay and features periodic events. However, players on the console had missed out on Tetris Effect: Connected, until now.

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