Tetris 99 Event Announced – Maximus Cup

Nintendo is handing out gold to the best people who can win their game. Tetris 99 is having a global weekend event where anyone can battle to be amongst the greatest Tetris players, and win some Nintendo cash for their efforts.

Tetris 99 Online Event Announced - Maximus Cup
Tetris 99 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game, where players play the classic game of Tetris with a modern twist. Each player’s game occurs alongside 98 other players also playing Tetris. The goal is to be the last one standing; T-spinning and building combos as your rival participants top out and drop out. And this special weekend will play host to the Maximus Cup.

During the Maximus Cup, players that win Tetris 99 will receive the coveted title of "TETRIS MAXIMUS". At the end of the event, the 999 players who received the most TETRIS MAXIMUS titles will be gifted 999 gold points, to be used for discounts on Nintendo eShop games. That’s the equivalent of $9.99/£9.99/€9.99 or a stack of small indie games.

Full details can be found in the video shown below:

TETRIS® 99 Grand Prix (Nintendo Switch)

The Maximus Cup runs from March 8th (05:00 PT/13:00 GMT) to March 10th (11:59 PT) / March 11th (06:59 GMT). Tetris 99 is only available as a free download to Nintendo Switch owners that have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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