Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Is Set in Hong Kong

Test Drive Unlimited is heading to Hong Kong in September 2022. The third game in the racing series has new developers behind it. Publisher Nacon and developers Kylotonn Racing seem to be keeping the DNA of Test Drive as showcased in a new CGI trailer.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is Set in Hong KongThe return of Test Drive Unlimited was officially announced last year during today’s Nacon Connect. Developer Kylotonn Racing has today announced during the latest Connect that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown would be set in Hong Kong.

In a press release, Nacon Publishing said:

Navigate the bustling island in glorious 1:1 scale, and be absorbed by the city. Pick your path as either street or sharp and let your personality shine

Similar to the reveal last year, Test Drive Unlimted Solar Crown received a new CGI trailer. The trailer showed the backdrop of Hong Kong Island, alongside the lavish lifestyle we seem to be living in this reboot.

As expected with a racer, driving does take centre stage; however, we do see our character enter a casino, and a nightclub, so could potentially be activities on Hong Kong Island.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - Welcome to Hong Kong Island

The third game in the series takes us to the other side of the globe; the first game, released in 2006, was set in the Hawaiian island of Oahu; the sequel five years later took us to Ibiza.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 22, 2022.

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