TES: Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One!

The Oblivion crisis is upon us again! The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has just received backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. If you haven't had the chance to play this absolute classic RPG from Bethesda, go buy a copy now for your Xbox One!

TES: Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox!
The Nine Divines have blessed us once more! After the recent remaster of fan favourite Skyrim, there has been an outcry from fans for the previous installment Oblivion to also be remastered. One of the quintessential RPG games of the last generation, and a genre-defining one at that, Oblivion presents intense and skill-focused gameplay with hardcore RPG elements and a gripping story.

Xbox makes the announcement on Twitter

Today, the official Xbox twitter posted a promotional image for Oblivion, telling us in the text of the tweet that it is now available on their ongoing backwards compatibility scheme, which has recently seen many titles added to the roster, including Mass Effect, Skate 3, Black Ops 1 and more!

Never had the chance to play this critically acclaimed RPG from the much loved developer BethesdaWell what are you waiting for? Pick up a digital copy for £11.99 on the Xbox Marketplace right now and delve into the world of Cyrodiil once again.

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