Terry Bogard Returns in The King of Fighters 15

Terry Bogard takes the stage in the latest trailer for The King of Fighters 15. See him in action as the leader of the Fatal Fury team shows off some new moves to go with his greatest hits. Are you okay!? You will be after watching him fight for yourself and seeing what Southtown's hero is made of.

Terry Bogard Returns in King of Fighters 15

SNK has announced that Terry Bogard, one of its first mascots and a fighting game mainstay, is the latest character coming to King of Fighters 15 via their most recent trailer. Fresh off of his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate late last year, Terry rounds out the Fatal Fury team, joining his previously announced teammates, Joe Higashi and his brother Andy. As the 10th character revealed for the upcoming fighting game, the only thing surprising about his inclusion is that it took this long to make it official.

Terry's new super move devastates his opponent.

Terry returns with some new tricks.

Despite brawling in arcades and in our living rooms for over 30 years, the Legendary Hungry Wolf still has some surprises up his sleeves, (which is impressive considering he rarely wears them). Some exciting details in his demonstration show staples of his moveset, including the Power Wave and Burning Knuckle. Moves that were previously absent like the Power Dunk are making their return as well, making him more varied. With new properties to expand his combo potential, his moves seem to have new life to them at a glance. Most importantly, Terry ends with a brand new super move, combining aspects of his most iconic attacks to make something as flashy as it is devastating.


From what has been shown so far, KOF 15 is coming along nicely. From bringing back fan favorite characters like Chizuru to shifting the focus of the combat to a more combo focused style, there’s plenty to be excited about so far. With Terry now officially joining the fray, it won’t be long until we can tackle the competition when the game releases later this year. 

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