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Terraria Journey’s Actual End Date Announced

A short teaser by developers Re-Logic confirms that the Terraria “Journey’s Actual End” date of release is October 13, one day after its surprise announcement. The short video shows new vanity items coming, as well as a cryptic clue as to who the new and final NPC might be.

Terraria Journey's Actual End Date Announced Cover

Terraria is finally ending, ladies and gentlemen. The game that came out originally in 2011 and to this day constantly hits 26,000 players daily on Steam alone, is finally being laid to rest. Well, in a way, since you’ll still be able to play it; there just won’t be any new content releases. Back in May 2020, the Journey’s End update dropped. In an official forum post and FAQ about the content release, developers Re-Logic considered that the game was finally complete, save for a couple of possible bug fixes in the foreseeable future. Well, the foreseeable future is now and Terraria Journey’s Actual End will be the actual end of the game’s development cycle, and the date is tomorrow, October 13, as of the time of writing. For real this time.

This update will not be a major one, that one was Journey’s End; with its over 1000 new items, new modes, new weather systems and so much more. The Actual End will be a gentle send-off for the nine-year-old game, giving players some cosmetics, new achievements, slight balance changes and the final NPC of the game. To wrap things up, Re-Logic promises “long-requested game credits (done Terraria style)”, which seems like a fitting final feature.

Terraria 1.4.1, Journey's Actual end, launching 10-13-2020

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