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Terraria and Monster Hunter Collab: a Possible 1.5 Update?

Tweets from the lead developer and co-developer of Terraria have all but confirmed Terraria 1.5, along with a possible crossover with one of the largest Triple A publishers. The update hinges on whether or not the crossover happens, and if it hopefully does, we have another major update in our hands.

Terraria and Monster Hunter Collab: a Possible 1.5 Update?With Terraria 1.4.4 just over the horizon, fans are suspicious of the developer whether this’ll really be the final update, given Re-Logic’s previous track record of “Final Updates”. As such, 1.5 has been on the radar for most of the fanbase as it seems the dev team has been holding out on some news regarding the future update. A tweet from Redigit, the lead developer of Terraria, all but confirmed a possible 1.5… if things line up.

Redigit asked Monster Hunter‘s account on Twitter whether or not they could add the Kirin (a monster hunter boss) into the game. The Kirin is an elder dragon that resembles a unicorn with a lion’s mane and blue, scaly skin; it harnesses lightning to strike its enemies, which can fit Terraria as there is yet to be an electric/lightning themed boss. This tweet was followed by a reply stating that they were “dead serious”. Upon seeing the tweet many fans scoured to put it into Capcom’s attention, as the addition of this boss may lead to the next major update.

Monster Hunter is quite a big game right now, especially with their recently released DLC for their latest installment in the series. Seeing an official Monster Hunter boss in Terraria would benefit both sides as it would create an overlap between the fanbases. Terraria itself is also no stranger to crossovers as they already had a few of them in the past; this, however, is its first crossover with a triple A publisher, if things go right.

And as things happen, Whitney Spinks, Redigits wife and co-developer, has replied to Monster Hunter as well, stating that if they were to agree, that would be the push needed for Terraria 1.5. As of now, however, there has been no feedback from Capcom nor Monster Hunter; hopefully, an answer is given and fans get their awaited answer.

SOURCE: Redigit and Whitney’s Twitter Posts

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