Telltale’s Marvel game could be Guardians Of The Galaxy

Telltale's unannounced game based in the Marvel universe could be based on 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' according to the recent SAG-AFTRA strike for voice actors.

Telltale's Marvel game could be Guardians Of The Galaxy
Telltale have said in the past that they are developing a Marvel video game, but they did not announce anything else about it. We were expecting to get more details about the game at this year's Game Awards, however, it seems that the game has been leaked. In a list given by SAG-AFTRA, 'Guardians Of The Galaxy – The Video Game' is mentioned above 'The Walking Dead: Season 3' and by the same company. This leads people to believe that Telltale's Marvel series will be based on 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

Check out the list below given by ComicBookMovie:

a list of games that have currently not struck new deals

Hopefully, we will get some more details on the game at Game Awards 2016, such as if it will tie in with the new film.

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