Telltale Teases The Walking Dead’s Final Season

Last year, Telltale Games confirmed that the final season of the fan-favourite title, The Walking Dead, would be released in 2018. This does indeed some to be the case, as the studio tweeted the first tease of the upcoming final season. It must be noted this tease does feel very nostalgic, as it is reminiscent of the poster from the first season, which was released back in April 2012.

Telltale Teases The Walking Dead's Final Season
As you can see from the cover image above, it is an evocative call-back to Lee Everett, the main character from the first season, who fought to protect a young Clementine in the first season of the hugely popular title. In addition, the forth and final season, will see the return of Gary Whitta, who helped to write the fourth episode of season one.

The game's developers, Telltale said that fans can get a first proper look at the final season which will be revealed at 12:30PM ET on April 6th at its PAX East panel, which will also be viewable on Twitch. The exact release date of the final season is not yet known. 

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